Terminating an Employee, taking the time.

| November 3, 2009

When an employer is considering the termination of an employee one of the strongest tools which he has in his arsenal is taking the time to make a well informed decision which considers all of the ramifications of the action.


Job Loss and Unlawful Termination

| July 16, 2009

Unless you can look at the particular circumstances and clearly understand the reasons for your termination you are probably wondering why you lost your job. In many instances your job and what you do helped to define you as they make up a substantial amount of your life and the job provides you a means […]


Retaliation in Ohio Worker’s Compensation

| March 21, 2009

In Ohio if you believe that your Employer has discriminated against you because you have filed a Worker’s Compensation Claim then you only have 90 days to act on it.


Employee Performance Evaluations

| February 21, 2009

Employment Law and Employee performance evaluations.