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Posted By on December 21, 2012

I have looked back over the history of these articles and I find that even though I have not been adding new postings a number of people have still come on the site, to read the articles.   I hope  people will continue to read these articles and take something of interest from them.  Please do not use them as some type of yardstick to determine the merits of your case or as a how-to guide to pursue any remedy.  This is not the purpose of these writings and you would be making a mistake to do so.  The law is different in many different locations and time itself may have an impact upon your rights and obligations as many areas of the law are in a state of change which requires constant vigilance by the practitioner to stay abreast of.

Our country is a diverse place to live where often the laws of one state have little in keeping with those of another.  The application of the law may differ between different portions of the same state and the interpretation may subtly differ between different courts which are located in the same locality.  Treat these articles in the spirit with which they are offered, that being, to encourage scholarly discussion and in some instances to generally awaken people and provide them with a little deeper understanding significant for raising a question rather than to answer one.    Seek counsel with an experienced attorney who can view all of the facts of your matter and provide you with a well-rounded response to your problem.  Again.  I thank you all for taking the time to read what I have written.


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