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My name is Charles J. Cochran, Jr.   I practice in the fields of Labor and Employment LawWorker’s Compensation and Plaintiffs Personal Injury.  My practice is located in NE Ohio just outside of Akron.  

            I believe in using a personal approach to the practice of law and that it is important for my clients to know that I am the person doing the legal work which they are paying for.   I do not hire a paralegal or employ other attorneys to do the work.  If a case is one which would require me to associate with other counsel it is done with my clients knowledge and best interest in mind and with attorneys which I have found to be competent in their fields.  My hands-on approach appears to be welcomed by both my corporate and individual clients and I look forward to working with you.  Approaching a matter with my client’s perspective in mind is my goal in each case where I am working.

             An easily found sample of some of my work can be found in the published Ohio 9th District Court of Appeals case found at:   City of Akron v. Holland Oil Company, (2001) 146 Ohio App.3d 298.  In that case I represented Holland Oil Company, a client which I had represented for over 15 years before they were sold.

             When I first went into practice in 1990 it was as a sole practitioner.  Later I moved into practice with another attorney for about 15 years.   In 2008 I made a decision to work as a sole practitioner again and to concentrate my focus as a sole practitioner towards my area of specialty and to also maintain my presence in the areas of Plaintiffs Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation.

             I have been admitted to practice and have taken cases before many of the State Courts in Ohio including the 9th District Court of Appeals. 

             I am also admitted to practice before the Federal Bench at the Northern District of Ohio, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.  Further, I am admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the United States Court of Federal Claims.  I am a member of the American Bar Association, Ohio State Bar Association, Akron Bar Association and Portage County Bar Association as well as various committees and sections which pertain to my Labor and Employment Specialization.  

            As a married man with children, and two grandchildren, I have a strong feeling of family.  Prior to my admission to practice law I had a varied employment history.  When I was a younger man I served four years with the United States Marine Corps and once served a term as the President of a local labor union.  I enjoy working with my hands finding it a welcome diversion to an office setting.

            My practice has developed over the years without substantial advertising relying upon word of mouth references from my clients as the building blocks of my business.   With the coming of the electronic age it is important that I provide my current and potential clients with a little more information about myself in a form which is becoming more and more acceptable if not expected.  I welcome this brief opportunity to share with you a little bit about myself.  When hiring an attorney you must be able to relate to the person as well as the professional in order to feel at ease and as I said I look forward to working with you.

             My E-mail address is:    CjCochranjr@hotmail.com  and I keep a Voice Mail only line at: (330) 548-3012 which I check fairly regularly but usually late in the evening.

             For contact with me which involves a personal matter please use one of both of the above means stated to contact me.  Please note that any communication to me by E-Mail or other form of communication does not establish an Attorney/Client relationship and that I do not usually provide answers to questions which you might have via E-Mail communication so I ask that you please not be offended.  Attorneys have a responsibility to get all of the facts and to fully inquire into a matter before they speak or they can do more harm to someone than good.  I simply believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing the right way.  The purpose of any web or telephone based communication with me is to enable me to determine if your matter is one which I might be able to help with and which should be more fully discussed with you in person.  Where there exists a personal matter which you wish to discuss with me please do not use the Comments section on this page as it could damage your privelege in having your discussions with me remain confidential.  Please provide a detailed description of the matter which you are concerned with, a phone number where you may be reached and your E-Mail address but send it to either my above E-Mail address or the Voice Mail number.

             If your communication to me involves a non personal matter, such as a comment on my post, then I ask that you use the Comments box which you will find at each post to communicate with me.    Please note that many matters  have very short time periods within which suit or settlement must occur or your claim may be time-barred.  Do not rely on any E-Mail communication to me to protect you.  Consult with another attorney if the Statute of Limitations in your case is close so that your rights are adequately protected.  I cannot make a promise that every E-mail communication or Comment on this site which I receive will be responded to but I will attempt to do so in a timely manner.

              Thank you for taking the time to look at my site and I hope to see you around. I have made a few posts on it already and I will try to get a little more content on it as time permits. Please feel free to leave me a comment.  As I indicated above you can also send me E-Mail if you would like to at cjcochranjr@hotmail.com.  I keep a line open just for voicemails at (330) 548-3012 which I check regularly usually late in the evening.


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  1. Chris says:

    When I was 18, I worked for a month or so as a temp at a steel mill doing weed and pest control. AK Steel in Ohio. It was a summer job. A couple days before my last day, I broke my leg. The company was having us use bladed weed eaters with no shin guards, and mine hit a piece of shrapnel and shot it up into my leg, shattering my tibia and fibula. Workers comp paid the hospital expenses, but I received no pain and suffering compensation. My dad looked into a lawyer, who did not seem to have the time to help us. Anyway, we let it lie. This happened in August of 1995. Before this occurred I had two flat feet. Now the broken one developed an arch. This has had an accumulating effect on my walking and legs, and I get pain in my shin now periodically. I am afraid it will get worse. Am I entitled to any compensatory damages or has the statue of limitations run at? I was ill prepared to pursue my own interests when I was 18 and did not anticipate the long term consequences.

  2. I would respond to Two separate comments on my blog which each set up specific fact sets for my opinion. I will not provide an opinion as to these matters for two seperate reasons. The first being that the purpose of these articles is to provide a general overview of an area of the law and to invite a discussion which is more general in nature. The second, and equally if not more important, these matters are extremely important to these individuals. A recital of what an individual considers to be all of the salient facts does not necessarily provide all of the information which might be gleaned during the course of a full interview process with an attorney. As I have stated generally before, if the general discussion which is presented in these articles raises a question it is best to see an Attorney directly to get your answer. My responses to comments do not establish an attorney-client relationship and that is not their purpose. I certainly appreciate comments on my articles and hope my response here does not dampen anyones enthusiasm.

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