Specialization, can we see the forest for the trees?

| March 29, 2009

Does Specialization in a single area of the law cause attorneys to lose their perspective when reviewing the ramifications of their work upon areas of law not within that specialty.


Retaliation in Ohio Worker’s Compensation

| March 21, 2009

In Ohio if you believe that your Employer has discriminated against you because you have filed a Worker’s Compensation Claim then you only have 90 days to act on it.


ADA Compliance in Employment. When is there not a disability?

| March 18, 2009

The 2008 Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act place a heavy burden upon the employer when they are required to almost prove the absence of a disability upon actual or constructive notice that an employee has one.


The Employee Free Choice Act.

| March 11, 2009

Does the Employee Fair Choice Act actually provide the Employee with the opportunity to make a fair choice or is the true benefit gained by the Union which seeks to be the representative of the Unit?


Employee or Independant Contractor?

| March 5, 2009

The benefits and obligations to both the Contractor and Independent Contractor in the Independent Contractor relationship.